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Kimmins Coffee offers a variety of goods based on your office or residential needs.  Below you will find an overview of our major products.  You can click on any of the links to the right to find more detialed information about our products and services.

CoffeeLabels004 Coffee - Kimmins offers a wide variety of different blends for your individual taste! We carry our own private blend, commerical roasters, espresso, and cappuccino.  Kimmins also carries a surplus supply of different K-Cup flavors.
 a5e3215831341527be47241afe22aca5  Water - Kimmins Coffee is where you need to go for all of your water needs.  We carry the 5 gallon water jugs which is perfect for your home, office or job site.  We also carry flat caps in Nirvana Spring Water and Fiji Spring Water which come available in a variety of different sizes.
VBlast Cold Beverages - Kimmins offers all Pepsi and Coca-Cola Products.  We also offer a variety of different juices.  If you are looking something different, we also carry all of the Snapple, V-Blast and Gatorade products.
 paperplates  Allied Products - We carry everything you will need for your Breakroom, ranging from paper plates, bowls, untencils, to napkins, cups and hand santizer.  We also carry our own brand of creamers and sugars as well as commercialized products. 

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